Complete Shopping Cart Repair

Eric Miller Sandblasting, located in Mundelein, Illinois, keeps all your carts in perfect operating condition, so your business can run smoothly and efficiently. We specialize in shopping cart repair, but also provide service for:

 • Cooling Racks
 • Stock Room Conveyors
• Bakery Racks
• Other Backroom Equipment


Thorough Inspections

When your shopping carts or other material handling equipment fail to work properly, whether caused by worn out-wheels or casters, a quick visual inspection can pinpoint the problem. If the wheels are worn or rougher in some areas than others, replacing them can correct the problem.

Shopping Cart

Preventative Maintenance
There are many steps we take to prevent your shopping carts’ wheels from wearing out. They include:

Checking Fasteners: We inspect the wheel frames and fasteners to make sure that nothing is amiss, including turning the equipment on its back so that we can closely examine it for broken welds, loose bolts and nuts, or distorted framework. Any problem is repairable to prevent further damage to the wheels and casters.

Inspecting Wheels & Casters: We inspect the wheel and caster surface to check for any signs of visible tread wear. If there is a flat spot present, this is a sign of foreign material accumulation, such as thread, hair, or string getting caught in the wheel and creating a flat spot. It’s important to have the wheels replaced immediately to prevent floor damage, load shifting, and steering problems.

Lubricating Moving Parts: We lubricate all moving parts. Under standard working conditions, these parts need to be lubricated every six months. However, if used in a corrosive or wet application, it may be necessary to lubricate the fitting more often.

Estimate & Service
When you request our services, we will come to all of your locations and evaluate the condition of your equipment. We will thoroughly inspect each piece of equipment, evaluate what repairs are needed, and give you an estimate on what it would cost to repair. Multiple preventative maintenance programs are available, and we can customize a program specifically for your needs.

We require no trip charges or mileage fees. You only pay for equipment maintenance services performed by our experienced technicians at your store site. We supply a firm estimate, and upon your approval, begin working on your equipment.

Contact us to learn more about our flat fee per store rates to work within your specific budget.